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Welcome to the League of Women Voters of La Plata County

Upcoming League Events

                                                               MAKING DEMOCRACY WORK ®

Durango City Council Candidate Forum

Zoom Webinar

Monday, March 22, 2021   7-8:30pm

Moderator: Tami Graham

To submit questions ahead of time, no later than noon March 22,
Questions for the Candidates


Please click the link below to join the Forum:
Or iPhone one-tap :
    US: +12532158782,,89654433315#  or +13462487799,,89654433315#
Webinar ID: 896 5443 3315
   Closed Captioning available

The forum will also be live-streamed
and available on-demand after the event at

Listen Live on Four Corners Broadcasting

KIUP 930AM and 97.3FM

Ballots will be mailed to

all active registered voters in the City of Durango

On March 19th
Ballots must be received by 7:00 PM April 6.

                      Register to Vote or Check your Registration at               

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Recent Articles
Recent Articles
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Join us for our next Great Decisions 2021 session
a chance to listen/learn/comment/question
on the U.S. roles in international relations 

On Tuesday, March 9th, at 11:45 a.m. our third discussion using Zoom will be “Brexit and the European Union.” Moderator Dr. Paul DeBell will present background materials and a film by the Foreign Policy Association, and lead participants in a discussion of the issues. We plan to finish the discussion at 1:15 p.m., but it may go a bit longer if warranted by questions and follow-up.

With the “Brexit transition period” coming to an end this year, the United Kingdom will formally leave the European Union at the start of 2021. With negotiations between the two entities continuing to stall, what does the future of Europe and the UK look like? Will the UK survive a possible Scottish vote to leave? Who will step up and take command of Europe now that Angela Merkel is out of the spotlight? 

Paul DeBell has been an Assistant Professor in Political Science at Fort Lewis College since 2016.  Previously, he was a teaching associate at The Ohio State University, focusing on American foreign policy and modern democratic politics.His expertise is in Comparative Politics, Political Psychology, Populism and Anti-Establishment Movements, Campaigns and Elections, Political Communications and Media, Democratization, and Post-Communist Politics.Paul received both his Ph.D. and M.A, in Political Science from Ohio State, where he received numerous fellowships, including the Distinguished University Fellowship in 2014, and the FLAS academic year fellowship for Russian, Center for Slavic and East European Studies in 2010.Paul received his B.A. in Government and Philosophy from the College of William & Mary.  

Paul loves learning about other cultures and their languages. In addition to English, he is fluent in Hungarian and conversant in Russian and Spanish.His teaching and research focuses on the interactions between political elites and voters, particularly the uses of emotional appeals and the dynamics of ideological thinking.During his dissertation fieldwork in Budapest, he had the honor to work from the Political Science Department at Central European University.

Join the Zoom discussion:

Date: March 9th
Time: 11:45 a.m. MST

Meeting ID: 
831 9178 9255
Passcode: 518188

For more about our exciting

Great Decisions series for 2021

CLICK Great Decisions 2021

Great Decisions 2021 is sponsored by

The League of Women Voters of La Plata County, 

the local chapter of the American Association of University Women

 and the Durango Public Library.

League Advocacy and Action


The US House of Representatives is gearing up to bring HR1 to a vote TODAY. This sweeping piece of legislation is the most expansive democracy reform agenda we have seen since the Voting Rights Act of 1965. It will root out voter suppressionestablish criteria and transparency to end partisan gerrymandering, and return political power to the people. We must get this bold, transformative set of reforms over the finish line, but we cannot do it without your help!   

The For the People Act is the democracy reform bill the American people want and deserve. This legislation will put power back in the hands of American voters by making voting easier, more accessible, and modernized.

It's up to us to speak up for what's right. Contact your Representative* and tell them to vote YES for the For the People Act.

Ranked Choice Voting in Nonpartisan Elections

LWVCO urges you to support 
HB21-1071 - Ranked Choice Voting in Nonpartisan Elections, sponsored by Representative Kennedy, Representative Arndt and Senator Fenberg.  

Beginning in 2023, the bill allows a municipality to refer a municipal election using instant runoff voting to be conducted as part of a coordinated election.  This bill furthers the LWVCO position on voting methods, which supports authorizing and implementing alternatives to plurality voting that improves the election experience, encourages honest voting and considers ease of implementation.

HB21-1071 will be heard in the House State, Civic, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee on Monday February 22 at 1:30 pm.  Please contact your Representative today asking them to support this legislation.  In addition, support of the County Clerks will be essential in getting this important legislation passed.  We also ask that you contact your County Clerk & Recorder and share your perspective on why this bill is needed in your community!

As we celebrate Black History Month, the League of Women Voters of La Plata County would like to bring special attention to the contributions of women of color in the suffragist movement and to the 100 years of continual work that generations of women of color have contributed to the rights of all women to vote and more.

In honor of Black History Month 2021, Laurie Meininger, LWVLPC Board Member, has submitted an op-ed for publication in the Durango Herald to honor the courageous Black women leaders in the voter rights movements across our nation and across the ages. Read the Durango Herald articleLaurie Meininger: League of Women Voters honors Black women suffragists

The League of Women Voters in La Plata County remains fully committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in principle and in practice.


The For the People Act is the democracy reform bill the American people want and deserve. This legislation will put power back into the hands of American voters by making voting easier and more accessible and by modernizing future elections. Over the last two years, we saw it pass the House or Representatives, but get stalled at the Senate. With the start of the 117th Congress it is imperative that the For the People Act once more become a top priority. The For the People Act addresses some of the most pressing issues facing our democracy because it will:

  •  Restore the Voting Rights Act
  •  Modernize our voter registration system
  •  Update the public financing of elections through small donor matching funds
  • Curb partisan gerrymandering, and
  • Make campaign contributions more transparent.

Contact your Representative TODAY through the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and tell them to pass the For The People Act. Put control of our government back where it belongs—into the hands of the people.


FRIDAY, MAY 21 ~ 5pm - 7pm

SATURDAY, MAY 22, 2021 ~ 10am - 2pm

via Zoom


Please mark your calendars now!

You may expect the Final Call to Convention on or before April 6, 2021.

Final Call will include registration information and all documents

on which Convention Delegates will vote, including:

~ Proposed Program for 2021-22

~ LWVCO FY22 organizational budget

~ Slate of nominees for the LWVCO Board of Directors

~ Requested changes to LWVCO bylaws



Caucuses will be held on Friday, May 21 from 7pm - 8pm.

Would you like to host a caucus? Email by April 12!


Looking for a unique history?


To celebrate the 100th Birthday of the LWV in 2020,
a revised history of the LWV of Colorado was published,
and it contains many local League histories as well as many biographies of past leaders.


This fascinating book is available on Amazon for $15 plus tax!
Just type “League of Women Voters of Colorado” into the search field.

The League of Women Voters Urges You To Take Action
There are many ways to have your voice heard by elected officials and policy makers. 
Take Action on League priorities today.

Click the image above to get involved!

Reference the LWVUS Impact on Issues 
2018 - 2020
A Guide to Policy Positions

About Us


The League is nonpartisan, neither supporting nor opposing candidates or political parties at any level of government, but always working on vital issues of concern to members and the public.  We encourage informed and active participation in government, and work  to increase understanding of major public policy issues.  We influence  public policy through education and advocacy based on policy positions that are adopted by our members following studies and agreement.

The League of Women Voters of La Plata County has restated its goals
for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion -
The League of Women Voters of La Plata County works for a stronger democracy, rooted in principles of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. Our DEI working group is committed to ensuring that every voice is heard, every individual is counted, and every person has a seat at the table. 2/22/2021

WELCOME from our LWV La Plata (ZOOM) BOARD

Our LWVLPC Leadership Team

Board of Directors

Jean Aaro, President

Ellen Park, Membership Director

Deb Ruddell, Treasurer

Martha Mason, Secretary

Trish Pegram, Director at Large

Diane Goodchild, Director at Large

Laurie Meininger, Director at Large

Alex Lemmel, Director at Large

Committee Leaders

Karen McManus – Voter Services

Ross Park – Webmaster

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Our  Great Decisions 2021 series beginning February 9. All are welcome.

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