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Great Decisions - Global Outreach

Great Decisions_Global Outreach

Discussions to engage citizens in learning about the world, sponsored by the Foreign Policy Association and the Durango Public Library. Please plan to join us in January 2015.

Special events

Great Decisions 2015

* April 28, 2015, Next Great Decisions 2015 topic, Durango Public Library, Program Room 2, 11:30AM - 1:30PM:
Brazil's Metamorphosis. OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

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*topics for 2015 Great Decisions include:

  • Russia and the Near Abroad
  • Privacy in the Digital Age
  • Sectarianism in the Middle East
  • India Changes Course
  • U.S. Policy Toward Africa
  • Syria's Refugee Crisis
  • Human Trafficking in the 21st Century
  • Brazil's Metamorphosis

Foreign Policy News-15

* APRIL 5, 2015, New York Times interview: The Obama Doctrine and Iran with President Barrack Obama and Columnist Thomas L. Friedman.
President Obama talks with Thomas L. Friedman about the calculations that informed the Iran nuclear framework and what they say about his overall approach to foreign policy.

Past Events